The interoperability platform gives you the tools and the method for specifying and managing interoperable data and information content. The platform consists of the terminologies, code lists, and data models needed for flows of data and in other forms of information management. The interoperability method will help you create and maintain the semantic interoperability of information, i.e. data processing where meaning in flows of data remains the same. The interoperability platform is intended for both public administration and the private sector.  The tools are available free of charge for creating and editing terminologies and concepts, managing code lists, and creating and editing data models. Data content producers are responsible for their own data specifications and their quality, and for keeping them up to date.   You can also use previously created data specifications that are available on the interoperability platform.  Using existing code lists and data models in your own system development is cost-effective and improves interoperability between the systems of different actors. The consistent use of concepts makes services easier to plan and understand. On the website you will find the interoperability platform and tools that support this approach. You’re welcome to join the discussions on our Slack channel too.

This service is provided by the Population Register Centre.