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The organisation should complete one application allowing access to all the tools.
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Organisation’s details

The data content has a named organisation responsible for the quality of the data content and ensuring that it is up to date


Licensing of data content

CC 1.0 or CC By 4.0The data content is not licensed
NB! If data content for the platform has no specific licence, the content producer organisation is responsible for ensuring that use of the content is unrestricted, i.e. that the data is open and available to the public and may be freely used. There should no other restrictions on the use of the content nor any third-party rights that would impose limits on the right of the user organisation or end user to use the data content published on the platform.

Organization’s administrator

Organisation’s administrative contact person

Commitments made by the organisation

Approvals and commitments on behalf of the organisation should come from the person who is entitled to undertake to comply with the terms and conditions of use of the service on behalf of the organisation. A person who otherwise has official powers can give approval or make a commitment on behalf of the organisation.

We confirm that the information connected with the protection of data above is correct and we undertake to report any changes to it without delay to the Population Register Centre if right of access to the interoperability platform is granted to our organisation.

Our organisation accepts the terms and conditions of use of the interoperability platform provided by the Population Register Centre and undertakes to comply with them (PRC/.6725/2018).

Our organisation also undertakes to comply with the instructions for using the interoperability platform in effect at any time.

This service is provided by the Population Register Centre.