The Reference Data tool is a national maintenance and distribution platform for commonly used code lists and classifications.  The content of the Reference Data tool may be browsed and the code lists downloaded.  In semantic data models, the content can be used as the value sets of attributes.

Open the Reference Data tool

The code lists are for

  • different organisations to be used as a common place of content distribution
  • information system providers that implement and maintain information systems, in particular for public administration
  • any actor that wishes to use shared code lists to enable the interoperability of data.

The Reference Data tool is used to

  • publish codes and code lists
  • define and maintain codes and code lists, and import and publish code lists produced elsewhere
  • utilise the descriptions of the Terminologies tool concepts in the descriptions of codes, which helps to understand and standardise the semantic content of codes.

What is the advantage of the Reference Data tool?

  • Commonly used code lists can be found in the same place.
  • An organisation does not itself need to maintain a similar service or similar content.
  • State-of-the-art tools (including version control) are provided to maintain code lists and classifications, facilitating change management and the visibility of work.
Digital and Population Data Services Agency