The Terminologies tool is a service for developing and maintaining terminologies and concepts intended for terminology glossaries. A terminology glossary is one that contains information on specialised concepts and their designations.

Open the Terminologies tool

The terminologies are intended for

  • people involved with glossary development in an organisation
  • data architects and data modelers
  • IT experts
  • communications experts and translators
  • citizens using public administration services who want to find out what concepts used by administration mean.

The Terminologies tool is used to

  • maintain terminologies
  • define concepts
  • show how concepts inter-relate
  • suggest new concepts for shared use by public administration
  • visualise terminologies and relationships between concepts.

What is the advantage of the Terminologies tool?

  • The terminologies produced by different actors can be found in one place. The work done previously by others can be made use of.
  • A glossary can be developed at a decentralised level, when its content and status can be viewed by all parties in real time. The latest version is always in use.
  • The Terminologies tool therefore supports joint development work and it makes change management easier than if Excel is used.¬†
  • If required, however, you can restrict viewing of glossary versions under development to your own work group only, making them public only later.
  • It is easy to add new concepts and relationships between concepts.
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